**** NOTICE: THIS PAGE IS UNDER CONSTRUCTION **** For selected projects, XLRQSTUDIOS offers a FREE Voice-Over Narration to use in your next eLearning, video, or other corporate media communication. We understand that a professional voice-over provides an extra dimension to your communication project. There is no risk in this limited offer. You may use the voice-over narration on any project or projects you wish without … Continue reading FREE VOICE OVER NARRATION

Knowledge Meets Digital Media Productions

XLRQSTUDIOS specializes in the production of online training modules and support documentation for corporate training systems. The purpose of our blog is to explain what we do and how we do it, so your company utilizes our services in the most productive manner possible. Let’s start with what we do and don’t do. First, here’s what we DON’T want to do in this blog. This is not an attempt … Continue reading Knowledge Meets Digital Media Productions

The Production Process

PRE-PRODUCTION Whichever learning module you choose from our studios, it’s always good to know the production process we use. Our process is not entirely unique in the production world, but it does have a few distinctive nooks and crannies to ensure meeting budgets and schedules, and that the final product is the one you expected to see from the outset. THE BEAUTY AND THE BEAST … Continue reading The Production Process

The Magic of Synchronized Sight & Sound

VO or Voice-Over Narration with eLearning modules at first seems somewhat arcane. What’s the big deal? Everyone has access to a microphone, everyone can read, and usually the webinar recording is more than adequate. All this is true until it isn’t true. The highest production quality of an eLearning module occurs when there is syncopation between the voice-over narration and the visuals and words on … Continue reading The Magic of Synchronized Sight & Sound