Knowledge Meets Digital Media Productions

DSC04527_02XLRQSTUDIOS specializes in the production of online training modules and support documentation for corporate training systems. The purpose of our blog is to explain what we do and how we do it, so your company utilizes our services in the most productive manner possible. Let’s start with what we do and don’t do.

First, here’s what we DON’T want to do in this blog. This is not an attempt to teach you how eLearning works or the best systems available. We don’t have to explain the benefits of online training, the economies of scale it brings to training, that is, the ability to train more people with fewer resources, and how training software applies to testing, qualification, certifications, and advanced learning. We assume you understand the workings of the training industry better than anyone does.

What we DO want to do is provide insight into our products, and especially our production processes. Over the years, we have produced many digital media projects requiring creative and production skills including video, award winning photography, writing, digital graphics, voice-over narration, and website design. One of our charitable contributions over the last 10 years is the creation and production of, a website dedicated to provide free literature audio books. Our mission is to “Giving the Gift of Knowledge”.

As we began looking at knowledge in business, we discovered that our passion as an organization truly resided in the training sector. We enjoy creating, producing, and broadcasting knowledge content in the form of eLearning and information modules. It is a rather small niche in the scheme of eLearning Systems, but it is a robust area, and the spot where we feel the rubber meets the road.

In this blog, we want to introduce our training services and products, as well as explain the subtleties of our production process. Please join us in our quest to help you build a digital knowledge base for your company.

Michael Scott


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